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3 million

users in Norway

Home screen

The most visited screen demanded the most respect. With the focus that we had to keep the service easy to use and intuitive to navigate on, we kept improving it by adding new functionality.

Chat screen

We wanted to make sure the most used features were always easily available, so we brought the transfer action buttons right up in front.  They were previously stowed away under a button, but now they are quickly accessible and visible to the user.

QR Scanner

With the partnership with Alipay and an increase in services using QR as an identification feature, the addition of a QR scanner was a no-brainer. In this way, payments could be done anonymously and quicker.

Unlike most financial institutions, Vipps has realized that they are primarily a technology company. They currently has the largest in-house design and development team in Norway. And like other technology companies, Vipps knows that they cannot build everything themselves, but have to rely on close partnerships with other companies. Shortcut has been a partner for Vipps for several years, and many Shortcutters have spent long days at the Vipps office in Bjørvika, shipping amazing new features to more than 3 million customers of Vipps.