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Oversight of evaluation

A summary of current site evaluation provides an eagle-eye-perspective to the current assignment of the site.

Quickly compare data

We quickly compare risk and probability through an algorithm that's used to uncover a risk value.

Once the risk has been mapped through the solution,  we are able to extract an appropriate mitigation for those risks.

Gather data and generate reports

Based on the evaluation, the Securitas representative is able to create a PDF document without additional effort. The tool automatically fetches the data and populates the document with the name of the client to the evaluation of the site with comparable data.

Maturing the app solution  

The process of building Securitas Solutions Tool started out with a goal of supporting the sales process. As this was being used in customer meetings every day, we learned more about the kinds of challenges Securitas' customers had in their business.

The next stage was extending the tool so that it could help Securitas better understand the kinds of challenges their customers were experiencing. In this stage, the tool got support for advising the customers in what kind of products and solutions would better help them manage their overall risk.

Based on the probability and impact of each risk segment, according to the industry and the company-specific needs, Securitas Solutions Tool follows the ISO3100 industry standard for risk management. The digital solution provides oversight and reporting support.

Shortcut has worked with Securitas Solutions Tool over the last 7 years, and has a dedicated team supporting Securitas in the design, development and operations of this crucial digital tool.