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growing app in Norway ever

Personalized benefits

Everyone loves a bargain, and REMA 1000 is all about low prices. But rather than forcing its customers to saving coupons, scanning barcodes at the counter and try to get them to buy the things you want to sell them, REMA 1000 turned things around. Like REMA 1000 itself, the concept is as easy as it gets. Simply register your payment card into the app, and automatically get a 10% discount on the 10 products you spend the most on. 

If you allow REMA 1000 to analyze your shopping habits, you will get additional, personalized benefits through the app in addition to your 10% discount. All discounts are calculated at checkout, so there are no complicated point systems to understand. 

Simplicity is hard

It's a paradox well known to everyone building products: building complicated things is easy, but building simple things is hard. In order to make the Æ app work the way it works – an automatic discount at the time of purchase – there are a lot of moving parts that need to come together. Everything from payment terminals, point-of-sale software, CRM systems, apps and numerous back-office systems need to work together to provide a seamless customer experience. In Æ, the app is not just icing on the cake, it is where REMA 1000 meets the customer in digital channels.  And all the underlying systems go together to make using the app as simple as possible.

Up close and personal

It's easy to forget what a personal device a smartphone is. We bring it with us all the time, using it to keep track of everything from our family arrangements to our health data. With the power of being able to send push messages to all you customers at the click of a button comes a great responsibility to respect their right to privacy. The Æ team puts priority before anything else, ensuring that all the information provided in the app is relevant to customers' needs. 

The initial version of Æ was launched in 2017, followed by 6 months of intensive concept, design and technical work. Upon its release, a widely held opinion was that most people had stopped downloading new apps to their phones. However, during the first month after the the app was released, it broke all previous records for user growth in the market. In less than a month's time, more than 1 million users started using the app. Perhaps even more impressive, REMA 1000 has managed to increase the actual usage of the app since then. The app today has 1.5 million users, most of who use Æ every week.