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Going from analog to digital

Digitalizing existing processes is not only about moving an existing process from paper onto a screen. So when starting a project, we always start with asking why. More often than not, the answer to why things are the way they are is that they have always been that way.

Removing complexity

When building Gjensidige's new car claims app, we started out filtering out unnecessary questions from the form. And then we reviewed how the organisation used the collected answers — in what cases did a question really need to be answered? Our findings surprised everyone — a lot of the data gathered weren't important anywhere in the organisation! In addition, we found out that a lot of cases would always lead to an approval — seems like a candidate for automation!

Helping customers get on with their lives

When listening in on actual customers' calls at the Gjensidige call centre, we noticed that the call centre representatives did not  interrogate the customer in any form or manner. Instead they responded to the customers' concerns: will I be able to make it to my appointment? Will the insurance cover all the costs? Can I just leave my keys inside the car?

Turning what we had learned into a design principle in the app we built, we aim to help the customer with his or her priorities.

Because of these insights we were able to peel away a lot of the questions and provide a seamless experience for Gjensidige's customers. One unexpected outcome of the app was that the system was able to automatically approve over 80% of the claims using machine learning. This led to a world record for the fastest insurance claim processing with 1.3 seconds processing time. The Gjensidige app is currently used by more than 500,000 customers.