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Find the Best Salon

Cutters is all about efficiency, so creating an app that helps users streamline the booking process has been the forefront of this project. With the new app, users can view salons nearby, as well as the drop-in wait time and place themselves in line remotely so they can spend their time as they wish.

Purchase Haircuts and Products In-app

One of the main business goals for the Cutters app was to increase product revenue and sales by allowing in-app purchases via stripe. We are working on adding multiple payment options for each of the different countries, such as Vipps integration in Norway.

Live Queue Updates and more

With the new app, users are able to get in line while they finish up their last work meeting of the day. Stay up to date with live queue updates, and by the time you get into the salon, it will be your turn for a haircut, making the Cutters experience more efficient than ever.


Having seen this project through with a full team from concept and strategy planning, design and development, to its current MVP page and backend systems, Shortcut are working together with Cutters continuously to improve the functionality and introduce new features that will add business value. We have just scratched the surface with the release of this app, and are looking forward to further progress and collaborations with the Cutters team.